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The drain field plays an important role in the overall function of your septic system. If there is a problem or a failure within the field, your septic system as a whole will not be able to function at its best. An issue in the drain field could even lead to the total failure of your septic system. Any signs of distress need to be addressed ASAP to restore your field to full functionality. Handling issues quickly can avoid other costly sewer system repairs.

Signs Of Drain Field Distress

If you were not already aware, standing water or sewage on the ground located above is a sign that your septic system is having problems. Even just wet spots on the ground above is a red flag, as is the appearance of a slime-like substance, usually black in color. The smell of sewage in the area that your drain field is located is also another sign that there is an issue. However, there are some other signs of distress you should be on the lookout for.

  • You have to flush your toilet multiple times to remove all waste. If there isn’t a problem with water levels in the toilet bowl, one flush is typically enough to remove everything in the bowl. If you aren’t overfilling your bowl and have the same amount of water returning to your bowl, this is a red flag that something is happening in your system.
  • Your drains are draining slowly. This is also an indication that something is happening in your septic system or field.
  • Water is coming back up through your drains. When this happens, that means there is a blockage somewhere in your system.
  • You hear noises coming from your toilet, drains, etc. These signs are an indication that something is happening in your system that needs to be handled immediately.

If you notice any of these, contact a professional immediately. The longer you wait, the more costly the repair will be.

What Can Trigger A Problem With A Drain Field?

There are two main triggers for drain field issues. The first is when too much water enters the field. This is called hydraulic overloading. Humans can send too much water into the system by using too many appliances at one time. There is also biological overloading that happens when too much biological matter enters your system.

Garbage disposals are some of the worst culprits for this. Humans also can dump things down their drains or flush items down their toilets that also wreak havoc on and overload their systems.

Nature can also cause problems with your drain field. Tree roots are a major issue for drain fields. When tree roots grow into other structures, they can be highly destructive. These roots can destroy pipes and disrupt your field. Snowmelt and floods can also cause issues with absorption if they sit on top of your field.

The answer to the issues in your field could also be caused by old age. Septic systems can last upwards of 20+ years when properly maintained. But even with the best care, time takes its toll. If your field is in that age range, that could be the core issue.

Can You Restore An Ailing Drain Field?

Yes, you can bring your drain field back to life in most cases. There are a few different ways you can do that.

  • Jetting is a process that blasts water through your pipes and tank to clean out any sludge and remove any blockages.
  • Adding additives to the ground can help restore any chemical imbalances in the soil.
  • Terralift is a technique used to help push air into the soil and return function to your field.
  • Cleanouts and vents can be installed in your field to let you know when there are clogs or other backups in your field.
  • If old age is the reason, a new field will need to be constructed.

Trust All Septic & Sewer With Your Sewer System Repairs

All Septic & Sewer has been serving the residents of King, Thurston, and Pierce counties for a combined over 20 years. Our team can quickly assess your drain field issues and recommend the best repair options. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

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