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Sewer Installs & Repairs

Professional Sewer Installs And Repair Services In King, Pierce, And Thurston Counties

With over 20 years of experience between them, you can count on Jeremy and Robert of All Septic & Sewer to install and repair your sewer system with flying colors. The duo knows all the ins and outs of decommissioning septic systems, extending sewer lines, and much more.

It is the goal of All Septic & Sewer to ensure that your sewer is working as it should. If you are experiencing backflow from sewage lines, a sudden increase in your water bill, and/or standing water on your property, it’s time to call in the professionals.

Our team will get to the root of your sewer line woes to determine the best course of action for your situation. Sometimes, root intrusion, separation of joints, deterioration of old pipes, breakage, or corrosion can be the problem. All Septic & Sewer will decide whether a repair or complete installation of new equipment is necessary.

Let’s take a look at what our team of skilled and observant professionals can provide for you in terms of sewer installs and repairs.

Side Sewer Connections, New And Existing Systems

Many people find side sewer connections to be a headache. We understand! This is a long and tedious process that should only be done by a professional. All Septic & Sewer has the tools and the skills to connect both your residential and commercial sewer systems. We are a full-service company that can handle anything and everything that the project involves.

Whether you need side connections for an existing system, or your property requires a brand-new sewer, All Septic & Sewer is the company to turn to.

Summary – All Septic & Sewer is a full-service company that can handle all aspects of new and existing side sewer connections.

Decommissioning Septic Systems

All Septic & Sewer will use excavation equipment to gain access to the septic system. We will follow all OSHA regulations during the process. Once we’ve exposed the top of the septic tank, we will pump out any liquid that is present. After the appropriate inspections have been completed, we will fill the tank with sand or gravel.

Once the septic tank is fully decommissioned, we will replace the soil and bring the area back to surface grade. A closed permit will be issued for the newly decommissioned septic tank.

Summary – We are fully equipped to decommission septic tanks according to OSHA standards.

Sewer Line Extension

Whether you’re moving into a new house or building commercial property, extending the sewer lines may be necessary. Perhaps, your property needs to connect to the city sewer system? Whatever the case may be, know that All Septic & Sewer has you covered.

We’ve got all the right equipment, skill, and perseverance needed to do the job up to code. Our standards are very high. We will take care of any permits and/or inspections that are required to make the extension.

Summary – Extending sewer lines can be performed on both residential and commercial property.

Sewer Line Inspection Camera

At All Septic & Sewer, we use specially designed waterproof cameras to snake through your pipeline to perform a visual inspection of the sewer lines. Using this method is great for hard-to-reach pipes. A whole host of sewer problems can be identified by using camera and recording technology.

When we can visually see the inside of your pipes, we can determine the root of the problem you are having, thus, we can appropriately fix it. Recording what we see allows us to refer back to the video at a later time, if needed.

Summary – Sewer lines can be accurately inspected with camera and recording equipment.

Cable/Jetting To Clean And Clear Sewer Lines

Cleaning out your sewer system with a cable drain cleaner is a great idea when you have tree roots and other solid objects to cut through. However, when you have grease clogs, jetting is the way to go. All Septic & Sewer will determine the best method to apply based on the condition of your sewer system.

Our team is experienced and ready to use both cable or jetting to flush out your lines and remove any debris or clogs that may be present.

Summary – Cable cleaning and water jetting are both effective ways to clean out sewer lines.

Entire Sewer Line Or Section Repair

Unfortunately, there are times when your sewer line is going to need repairing. These repairs can be minor in nature or more extensive. All Septic & Sewer specializes in complete sewer line restoration or working on one section at a time.

We will determine the root problem with your sewer line using a variety of methods such as camera inspection. From there, our team will decide whether your system needs a new sewer install, complete repair, or simply requires a small section to be worked on.

Summary – All Septic & Sewer specializes in complete sewer line and sectional repair.

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When it comes to sewer installs, Jeremy and Robert have got your back. We specialize in a variety of sewer installation services that range from side sewer connections to extending sewer lines. With 20 years experience between the two of us, it is our pleasure to meet all of your sewer install needs.

We know that each situation is unique. That is why All Septic & Sewer carefully asses your sewer system. Rest assured that our team never guesses when it comes to our work. It is important to have all the facts before we begin any job.

Our services are available to the Washington State Counties of King, Pierce, and Thurston.

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Sewer Installs & Repairs
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