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Expert Drain Field Troubleshooting And Repairs in King, Pierce, And Thurston Counties

All Septic & Sewer has experience on its side. With over 20 years of dedication to drain field restoration, Jeremy and Robert have what it takes to troubleshoot the problem and come up with an appropriate solution. The duo specializes in the rejuvenation of failed drain field systems so you can avoid needing a total replacement.

We are 100% dedicated to getting your drain field up and running like it is brand new again. All Septic & Sewer is confident that there is a solution for just about any problem with your system. Yes, every situation is different, and this is why we put in the commitment that it takes to get the job done right and up to our high standards.

Here are some of the drain field troubleshooting and repair processes that All Septic & Sewer covers.

Investigation Of Surfacing Effluent Or Slow To No-Draining Lateral Lines

When effluent (liquid) is backing up into your home or pooling in your yard, it’s safe to assume there is an issue within the drain field system. The two most common causes for surfacing effluent and/or slow to no-draining lateral lines are hydraulic and biological overloading.

Hydraulic overloading occurs when to much liquid is sent to a system that is not equipped to handle it. Biological overloading is the result of too many organic solids in the effluent.

Our job, at All Septic & Sewer, is to determine which of these problems is the root cause of your surfacing effluent or slow draining lateral lines. We will perform professional drain field troubleshooting and come up with a repair plan that is both reliable and cost efficient.

Summary – The presence of effluent and/or slow to no-draining lateral lines signals that hydraulic or biologic overload is occurring within your system.

Reparation Of Broken Lines

Sometimes, your drain lines will become clogged with dirt, tree roots, or other debris. These things can put holes into the lines or even crush them. Our job is to determine how your lines became compromised and to fix the problem so that it doesn’t happen again. We will utilize all methods necessary to get your broken lines up and running again.

In some cases, broken lines need to be replaced. We try to avoid this, if possible, as to help keep costs down. However, there are circumstances that render the broken line irreparable.

All Septic & Sewer has what it takes to effectively locate the root cause of your broken drain lines, come up with a plan to repair or replace them, and to ensure that the job is down successfully.

Summary – There are varying reasons for broken drain lines. In extreme cases, lines cannot be repaired and need to be replaced.

Installation Of Clean Outs, Vents, And Monitoring Ports

At All Septic & Sewer, we have what it takes to install clean-outs, vents, and monitoring ports in your sewer system. These things help prevent clogs and flooding. We believe that taking preventative measures with your septic system is key. By having these components in place, you are ensuring your drain field will stay uncompromised.

Our team will troubleshoot the current issues you are having with your drain field and determine the type of clean outs, vents, and monitoring ports that you need. If you aren’t experiencing any issues, installing the ports will ensure that your drain field stays working properly.

Summary – When installed, clean outs, vents, and monitoring ports help your drain field to stay uncompromised.

Drain Field Rehabilitation Using Terralift, Jetting, And Other Methods

When it is discovered that your drain field isn’t working as it should, rejuvenation is in store. All Septic & Sewer knows how to appropriately deploy drain field troubleshooting methods that result in success. After locating your drain field, we will determine the best course of action and begin the rehabilitation process.

This can involve:

  • Jetting Drain Field Laterals – When lines in the field of your septic tank become clogged, jetting can help unblock them. This involves a powerful blast of water to force away debris that has collected in the lines. Jetting is an effective way to remove clogs and clean lines that are coated in sludge.
  • Terralift – This technology involves a long, narrow probe and an integral pneumatic hammer that penetrates soil to the depths of 3 to 6 feet. After that, air is forced into the soil using a high-pressure compressor. This creates a system of cracks that blast apart bio-mat that has accumulated on the walls of trenches and loosens dirt and debris in the drain field. This process is repeated every 4 feet until the job is done.
  • Installing Clean-Outs and Vents – Clean-outs and vents help prevent clogs and flooding from occurring. They are basically built in monitoring systems that keep everything flowing as it should.

Summary – Jetting, Terralift, and installing clean-out/vents will rejuvenate a sluggish septic system and breath new life into your drain field.

Locate And Create Septic System Designs

You may already have septic system drawings or designs that will allow us to locate your drain field. With over 20 years of combined experience, Jeremy and Robert know exactly how to read system design plans. However, if you don’t have these illustrations, we are more than capable of coming up with them ourselves on your behalf.

We will design a drain field and septic system for you that is long-lasting, cost efficient, and reliable.

Summary – All Septic & Sewer can easily locate your drain field as well as create custom system designs.

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When you need drain field services, All Septic & Sewer is the company you want to have on your side. Jeremy and Robert have the experience necessary to pinpoint any problem that is happening within your system. Once the problem is located, a reliable solution will be made. We proudly serve the Washington State counties of King, Pierce, and Thurston.

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