What Is Hydro Jetting & Does Your Sewer System Need It?

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When your plumbing system is backing up, there’s a good chance it involves a clog in your sewer lines. When the plunger just isn’t cutting it, however, it might be time to call in an industry-expert like All Septic & Sewer.

Septic system professionals have a few different ways of clearing out and cleaning sewer lines that are riddled with debris and build-up. One of the most common methods, however, is hydro jetting.

How Does Hydro Jetting Your Sewer Lines Work?

When it comes to clogged drains, many people believe snaking will solve the problem. While a cable drain cleaner is an ideal option for sewer lines clogged by tree roots or other solid debris, they’re not the only option.

Hydro jetting is an ideal alternative that’s budget-friendly and effective. This process involves blasting your clogged sewer line pipes with a high-pressure water hose. Not only does this option destroy solid debris, but it also works to clear the build-up of gunk inside your pipes thoroughly.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to repair and maintain your clogged drain, several great benefits come from hydro jetting technology.

Benefit #1: Powerful Cleaning Technology

Sure, a drain snake might be able to break through solid debris and unclog your pipe. The benefits, however, stop there. Alternatively, hydro jetting won’t just clear clogs inside your sewer system; it will also clean the inside of the pipes for future use.

A clogged sewer line is about more than just rogue tree roots and trash. The clog begins with a collection of grease and grime that builds up inside of your pipes. This layer of material will continue to grow until the random waste can no longer pass through.

Hydro jetting technology comes in a wide array of different sizes and pressure options. The high-pressure washing system is capable of loosening even the toughest clogs, including rocks!

Benefit #2: Environmentally-Friendly

Many homeowners appreciate hydro jetting technology because it’s one of the most affordable drain cleaning methods around. It’s also one of the best for the environment!

Unlike some other clogged sewer line repair options, hydro jetting doesn’t use harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your land. The only thing used during this process is good old-fashioned water.

Benefit #3: Odor-Reducer

Have you noticed strange smells coming from your drain? They’re probably caused by a build-up of bacteria inside your sewer lines. While there are some DIY cleaning options you can try, nothing works quite as well as hydro jetting the pipes of your septic system.

Is Hydro Jetting Right For Your Home?

If your home has a septic tank, there’s a good chance you will benefit from the hydro jetting process at some point or another. While it’s great for use as a repair technique, it’s also beneficial for general septic system maintenance.

When you want to keep your septic system running smoothly, you won’t find better cleaning options than hydro jetting! If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to give the experts at All Septic & Sewer a call!

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