How Can I Restore My Septic Drain Field?

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Septic systems are highly durable creations. A well-constructed drain field can last upwards of 20 years. But any drain field is at risk for failure. There could be a multitude of reasons something like this could happen. Once you realize there is a potential failure in your drain field, the next logical question becomes can your drain field be recovered or restored? All Septic & Sewer can help you assess what your options are.

Causes Of Septic Drain Field Failure

Drain fields are not infallible. There could be a few different reasons that your field failed. The most common reason for the failure of a septic drain field is that the field has become overloaded. This can happen when too much liquid enters the field at one time. These systems are only designed to handle so much at one time. If more liquid enters the field than it can handle, failure of the entire field is possible. Drain fields work by absorbing the liquids that enter. Failure happens when you send more water into the field than it can absorb.

While not seen as often, it is possible that your drain field was not built properly, and that is the reason for the failure. Ideal conditions for a septic drain field include a flat surface, lower water ground tables, and soils that are suitable for the field (low clay content, sandy, nonporous, non-absorbing, or loamy). If the area selected for the septic drain field does not meet these criteria, you are setting your field up to fail. Soil that is too absorbent will clog your field. A field that has too much of a slope won’t drain properly. If the groundwater tables are too high, they can come in contact with your field, and you will contaminant the groundwater.

Not performing regular maintenance on your septic drain field is another common cause for failure of the entire field. Construction or some other type of event that can cause physical damage to the field is another way these fields fail.

What Are The Signs Of Septic Drain Field Failure?

You should pay close attention to any smells, standing water, or sounds you hear coming from your drain field or your plumbing. These things are early warning signs of drain field failure. Like with anything else, the sooner you notice, and address problems, the easier and less expensive any repairs will be.

One of the first things people notice with a failing drain field is the smell of sewage. Sometimes you may notice the smell around the field; other times, you can notice the smell inside the home emanating from your sink or toilet. No matter where you smell it, this is a sign that your septic drain field is having problems.

Another warning sign you should not ignore is standing water on your drain field. This means your field is full or experiencing absorption issues. Also, pay attention to the plumbing inside of your home. If you notice the water is draining slowly or seems to gurgle or bubble, this is another red flag of issues in your drain field. If the water seems to back up and liquid that should be leaving your home instead backs up into it, this is another sign of a failing septic drain field.

How To Restore A Failing Septic Drain Field

While it is not possible in every case, sometimes a failing drain field can be recovered. If your field and pipes have clogs, your drain field can be recovered by something as simple as septic pumping. A professional service technician will come in and pump excess liquid and/or solids out of your field.

Not every case is that easy. Some drain fields become overwhelmed with bacteria or too saturated with liquids or solids for a simple fix. The drain field may need a break before it can return to use. In situations where the field was poorly constructed to start with, an entirely new field may need to be constructed. You could also need your field jetted, vents and monitoring systems installed, a clean-out, or other corrective treatments completed.

Let All Septic & Sewer Help You Recover Your Septic Drain Field

All Septic & Sewer has been serving the King, Pierce, and Thurston areas for over twenty years. This experience allows us to accurately pinpoint exactly what issue is causing problems in your septic system and drain field. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and to learn more about our services. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and updates.

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