Experiencing Sewage Backup In Your Home? Reasons & What To Do

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Is there a putrid-smelling liquid gurgling up from drains and the toilet in your home? If you smell sewage or are seeing wastewater coming up through the drains, then you’re likely experiencing a sewage backup. Anything could be causing these problems, and it can be quite stressful when you need septic system repairs. There are steps that you can take to resolve septic system issues.

What’s Causing The Backup?

There are several things that might be causing sewage backup in your home:

  • Clog
  • Tree roots
  • Compromised sewer lines

A sewer clog can be caused by a couple of things. One of the issues could be flushing things down the toilet that are not meant to be flushed. Maybe your garbage disposal is not working properly, or you’ve been pouring oil down your drains. These are all causes for concern when it comes to blockages. Tree roots are a major problem when you’re dealing with sewer pipes. You don’t have to have trees in your yard in order to have tree roots penetrate your lines.

Trees from neighboring yards can still find their way to your home and cause some serious damage. If a tree root penetrates your sewer pipes, it can create a host of problems, including a sewage backup. A compromised sewer line can mean anything. If your sewer lines are cracked, broken, or collapsed, you can have a problem with pooling and wastewater seeping through your drains.

How Can It Get Fixed?

The first step is to always call as soon as you suspect that there is a problem. One of All Septic & Sewer’s solutions is to install an alarm that will alert you of potential backups in the future. A septic alarm will let you know when the water has reached a pre-set level. If you heed the alarm, it can prevent sewage backups in the future. As a part of the inspection process, we also use sewer line inspection cameras to take a look at the inside of your pipelines.

This will help determine the next course of action. Cable cleaning is good to clear out tree roots and other solid objects, and we like to use jetting to flush out grease clogs and any other debris that might be blocking your pipes. Routine pumping and maintenance can help you avoid some issues, but we also perform emergency pumping services to help with sewage backups.

All Septic & Sewer Is The Ultimate Solution

If you need help with a sewage backup, you can call All Septic & Sewer to have us troubleshoot the problem. We know that dealing with a backup can be extremely stressful and a pain to deal with. That’s why we’re prepared to deal with any septic system repairs that you require. You can get in touch with us here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to keep up with all things All Septic & Sewer related.

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