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Septic System Troubleshooting And Repairs

Top Septic System Troubleshooting & Repairs In King, Pierce, And Thurston Counties

When your septic system is on the fritz, it’s best to call the experts at All Septic & Sewer to the rescue. Jeremy and Robert have a combined 20 years of on-the-job experience. They can pinpoint the issues your septic system is having and make the appropriate repairs.

Perhaps, you used a lot of water on a particular day. You have the washing machine going, the dishwasher whirring, and family members are in and out of the shower. This may all seem like normal day-to-day occurrences, right? Well, when your septic system is already teetering on the brink of meltdown, using a large amount of water in a short period of time can cause hydraulic overload.

You should never ignore the warning signs of a septic system problem. These signs can range from having a worn-out float to having a bathtub full of waste water. These issues will not fix themselves. In fact, if they are left untreated, they will continue to worsen.

All Septic & Sewer is licensed and bonded to repair septic systems. Our company is dedicated to locating the issue your system is having, coming up with a reliable solution, and fixing the problem.

Slow Draining Toilets And Drains

It’s concerning when your toilet and drains are not emptying like they should. It is doubly concerning when there aren’t any clogs present. Why? Because this likely means you have a septic system issue.

Here are some tell-tale signs that your septic system is compromised:

  • Water drains painfully slow from the shower, tub, sink, and toilet
  • Gurgling sounds are heard from the sink and tub when the toilet is flushed
  • Excess water backup in toilets, tubs, etc.
  • Noticeable water pooling on your lawn
  • Sewage smell

None of these things are desirable or easy to deal with. That’s why you need the professionals of All Septic & Sewer on your side. Our team is equipped to perform septic system troubleshooting and find the root of the problem. In many cases, overuse of the system, lack of proper maintenance, or a major clog deep within the pipes is the driving force behind slow draining toilets and tubs.

Summary – Slow draining toilets and drains are often a symptom of a much bigger problem within your septic system.

Alarms And Sewage Backing Up Into Your Home

There are three main reasons you might be experiencing a sewage backup. At All Septic & Sewer, it is our job to determine which is the cause and how to appropriately get rid of the problem.

Check out the most common reasons for sewer backup:

  • Clogs – Just as drain pipes can, your main sewer can become the victim of a clog. This can result in nasty sewage backups into your home. The clog can originate from a toilet, sink, tub, or any other drain. This type of main sewer line clog can occur when inappropriate things are flushed down the toilet, the garbage disposal isn’t used properly, or when grease is poured down the drain.
  • Tree Roots – This can be a tricky issue because you can’t always see the tree roots causing a problem. Even if you don’t have trees overtop of your lines, the roots from neighboring trees can still infiltrate them. When tree roots grow into the pipes, they cause holes and blockages to form.
  • Compromised Sewer Lines – If your sewer lines are broken, cracked, or collapsed, you’re going to have sewage backup into your home. Immediate intervention is necessary.

All Septic & Sewer is a leader in troubleshooting sewage problems. They have the skills to install alarms that will sound off when water levels reach a pre-set level. This will prevent sewage from backing up into your home in the future.

Summary – Alarms signal a problem with your sewer before sewage is backed up into the home.

Repairs To Your Entire Septic System

Licensed and bonded, All Septic & Sewer has what it takes to make professional repairs to your septic system as a whole. Our company is experienced in septic system troubleshooting. We highly recommend you turn to us for all of your septic system needs. A compromised or malfunctioning system is not something to take lightly and can result in costly damages if not addressed.

We specialize in:

  • Septic tanks
  • Pumps
  • Floats
  • Mainlines
  • All other components associated with septic systems

Summary – All Septic & Sewer provides expert repair services for your entire septic system.

Installation Of Risers And Lids

When you need access to your buried septic tank, a riser makes it possible. Because risers stick out of the ground, they make septic tank maintenance and pumping a much easier job. Most risers are installed with a lid. This is something All Septic & Sewer knows how to do.

Risers typically come in three kinds of materials:

  • Concrete
  • PVC
  • Polyethylene

Summary – Risers and lids make accessing internal septic tanks much easier.

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We are a company built on trust. Both Robert and Jeremy were born and raised in Washington State. They have dedicated their lives to providing top-notch septic system troubleshooting and repair services to King, Pierce, and Thurston county.

At All Septic & Sewer, we are committed to pinpointing your septic system problem, coming up with a reliable solution, and applying that solution in the most cost-effective way. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with each of our clients.

We look forward to working with you and discovering the issues that are plaguing your septic system. Having septic backup, slow draining, and other problems are exhaustive and problematic to your household and/or business.

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Septic System Troubleshooting And Repairs
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