What To Expect During The Septic System Design Process

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You have bought the ideal piece of land for your dream home. While it is exciting to have the architect design and build your perfect home, you also have to consider one more important piece of the home-building process…your septic system. This isn’t anywhere near as glamorous or fun as picking out light fixtures at a local store, but it may be even more important.

A septic system must be well designed to work properly and function as expected. Let’s take a more detailed look at the septic system design process and what you can expect.

Steps In The Septic System Design Process

The first step in the design process will be an assessment of the land where your septic system will be built. Local building as well as environmental regulations factor in the design process. During this time, a terrain survey will be conducted to see what the soil is like in the area the septic system would be placed in.

The specific composition of the soil can have a huge impact on what types of materials and building techniques are used in your system. Once this first step in the process is complete, then a septic system designer can get to work. They can consider things like placement, size of the tank, drain field size, tank retention time, and absorption system size at this stage of the process.

After the first two steps in the process have been completed, the next step is to figure out what type of septic system you are going to have on your property. You can pick between three types of materials for your tank: concrete, polyethylene, and fiberglass. What material you pick depends on information gleaned during the soil assessment. Once you pick material, you’ll need to work with your designer on what kind of drain field you will need.

A lot of this depends on the geography of your field. If there is sufficient elevation, you will build a standard drain field powered by gravity. If there isn’t, then there are options to use pressure and other tools to ensure the field works at its peak. You can even utilize an aerobic system to help break down waste and help with its disposal.

Once you have completed the septic system design process, the last step is approval from the local health department. This part can get a bit tedious and even confusing. Requirements will vary between localities, and in some cases, your approval may be provisional or conditional. This is where it is critical that you work with a seasoned septic system design company. They will know the ins and outs of the areas they cover and will steer you in the right direction.

How Long Can The Septic System Design Process Take

There is no set answer to this question since there can be so many variables throughout the process. On the very lowest end, you could be looking at seven days, but that is under the most perfect and ideal conditions. In reality, it will take longer than that. If your ground isn’t ideal for a septic system, factor in the time it will take to make your soil suitable.

Also, consider that the permitting process can take some time as well. Depending on your locality, multiple inspections could be involved. It is also conceivable that you can have weather-related delays during the process. To be on the safe side, give yourself at least 30 days for the design process from start to finish.

How Much Does A New Septic System Cost?

Designing and installing a system from the ground up is a costly endeavor. Just the septic tank can cost around $4000. If your system is aerobic versus anaerobic that will make a large difference in the cost. On the low end, your new system could cost $2000. On the high end, your system could cost $20,000. The national average for a brand new septic system is $6350. As with anything involving building a home, budget above the estimate so you are prepared for any circumstance.

Trust Your New Septic System Design To All Septic & Sewer

A brand new septic system must be designed and built by a company that has experience working on this kind of complex project. The professionals at All Septic & Sewer know exactly what to do to design and install your brand new septic system. Contact us today to set up your consultation. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest news and company events.

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