Top Reasons You May Need Emergency Septic System Pumping

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If your septic tank or drain field is damaged, oftentimes, you’ll know it. The smell of sewage and bubbling brown liquid in your drain or on your lawn is unmistakable. When that happens, it’s probably time for an emergency septic system pumping. When wastewater begins to pool in your home or on your lawn, it can be catastrophic to your health, home, and your wallet.

This is why it’s best to take care of any septic issues sooner rather than later. There are a lot of different scenarios where emergency pumping may be required, but we’ve highlighted a few of our top reasons below.

Sewage Backup

One of the top reasons for emergency septic system pumping is sewage backup. There’s nothing worse than the smell of sewage lingering through your home, and the stinky liquid bubbling up from every possible drain in your home.

When this happens, you obviously have a sewage backup problem. Lack of routine maintenance can cause a buildup of waste that can eventually send sewage water back through the pipes and into the showers, sinks, and toilets of your home.

Septic Alarm Is Going Off

If your septic alarm is going off, then it’s time to call for an emergency septic pumping. Septic alarms are put into place to alert you of serious issues with your septic tank. Sometimes your alarm will go off when you’re using a lot of water, and your system can’t keep up, or you have a leak.

Either way, you shouldn’t ignore the alarm. The longer you wait to address the problem, the worst the damage may be.

Nitrate Concentration

If you own a home with a well, the water should be regularly tested for nitrate concentration levels. A common cause of high nitrate levels is an issue with your septic tank. A leak can contaminate the groundwater and the soil, which in turn can cause a variety of health problems. If the levels are too high, it may be a sign that your septic tank is full, and it’s time for an emergency pumping.

Drain Field Pooling

The primary function of the drain field is to hold water until it can be absorbed into the soil. Proper maintenance and septic tank inspection are necessary to keep problems with your drain field at bay. If your tank is not regularly pumped, then it’s possible for a buildup of waste to occur in the drain field. That buildup can cause drain field pooling on your lawn, and that creates an unsightly, smelly, and hazardous situation for your home, family, and environment around you.

Have Your Septic System Pumped By All Septic & Sewer

The best way to avoid these disastrous situations is by having your septic system routinely inspected and pumped. However, there are instances where things happen that are out of your control. In any case, All Septic & Sewer is available to help you with emergency septic system pumping and would recommend continued regular maintenance of your drain field and septic system.

Contact All Septic & Sewer for any of your septic service needs. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook for All Septic & Sewer news and updates.

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