The Summer Months Are Perfect For Routine Septic System Pumping

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All Septic & Sewer is dedicated to ensuring that your septic system is high-performing and properly functioning. With services like septic system pumping, operation and maintenance inspections, and home sale examinations, they can identify and solve your current septic system complications and prevent future problems from arising.

With over 20 years of combined experience, Jeremey and Robert are professionally educated in septic system upkeep. Similar to any other routine practice like annual doctor appointments and dentist visits, checking in on your septic system should be a priority. There are several things to be aware of regarding your septic system. It is important to know what standard septic system care should entail and what signs might indicate an urgent, potentially dangerous complication.

How Often Should I Have My Septic System Pumped?

It is recommended to have your septic system pumped every 3-5 years. While this timeframe might seem strikingly frequent, it is actually just right. Septic systems are designed to contain solid waste inside of the tank and allow the liquid waste to drain out. Waiting longer than the recommended timespan to have your septic system pumped could result in an overflow of solid particles in the septic tank, causing severe leakage that would be more expensive to fix than simply looking it over and having it pumped periodically.

Regular septic system pumping is crucial to ensure that your system continues to operate properly. Although 3-5 years is the suggested interval, the frequency for the need of septic system pumping can vary depending on how many people are living in your home, the size of your septic tank, and if you have noticed any signs that might indicate a need to have septic system pumping administered sooner rather than later.

Why Should I Have My Septic System Pumped?

Sewage backup, sounding alarms, nitrate concentration, and drain field pooling are all reasons that create a need for septic system pumping services. You should know what signs to look for and what to do when something goes array with your septic system.

Sewage Backup

A vicious smell looming out of your pipes and emerging from your drains is a significant indicator that your sewage system is backed up and in need of immediate service. Under this circumstance, you should be sure to examine all toilets, showers, and sinks in your home. If you notice gurgling drains and a black, bubbling substance emanating, your septic system is in need of urgent pumping so that the backed-up sewage can begin flowing again.

Sounding Alarm

It is no secret that a ringing alarm typically means that something is wrong or, perhaps, that it is time to wake up. However, unlike your alarm clock in the morning, septic system alarms cannot and should not be ignored. Alarms are installed into septic systems to alert you when something has gone wrong.

A sounding septic system alarm might mean that there has been an increase in water usage, and the system is having trouble processing the waste. It could also mean that there is a leak, and the tank is taking in groundwater. These are both issues that require immediate septic system attention.

Nitrate Concentration

It is critical for people who utilize a well as their primary water source to have their well water consistently tested for nitrates. A full septic system that is leaching into soil and groundwater can result in high nitrate levels. By having your septic system pumped regularly, high nitrate levels can be avoided.

Drain Field Pooling

Have you noticed any puddles or pools of water near your drain field? This is yet another signal that your septic tank is full and in need of septic system pumping. Luckily, having the system pumped will stop wastewater from collecting and rising into your lawn, preventing potential property damage.

All About All Septic & Sewer

Now that you know the importance of routine septic system pumping and how to distinguish signs that could mean you need service sooner, you will be able to maintain the efficiency of your system by ensuring that your septic system remains in excellent condition.

So, what are you waiting for? All Septic & Sewer is dedicated to offering services that are designed to save you time, money, and stress. Septic system pumping is just one of the several services that All Septic & Sewer offers, as lift station assistance and home sale inspections are also available.

To stay up to date on information regarding services, hours, and all things Septic & Sewer, follow us on Facebook. Contact us today to get your septic system pumping needs taken care of and get into the routine of proper septic system pumping with All Septic & Sewer.

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