Key Things To Keep In Mind When Removing A Septic Tank

removing a septic tank
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If you live in an area not serviced by a public sewer system, having a septic tank is the solution to that dilemma. However, as soon as your property has access to a public sewer system, it will become mandatory for you to use the public system.

What happens to your old septic system, then? Decommissioning the system then becomes necessary, and this is not a task you can take on yourself.

You then must decide if you want to fill the system in or if you want to have it removed altogether. Finding the right company that is knowledgeable about your county’s regulations is crucial when dealing with your old system.

Choosing the right company for this job is not as hard as you might think. All Septic & Sewer is there to explain the entire process and get the job done right for you and your family.

Why Do I Have To Have My System Decommissioned If I’m Not Using It?

By law, when you stop using your septic system, you have a set amount of days to have it decommissioned. The amount of time varies depending on the county in which you reside.

You must take care of your abandoned septic system because if it is left as-is, it can and will eventually become unstable, leaving it to collapse ultimately. This will cause a danger to not just your family but the environment, as well. It can even lead to an explosion in extreme cases.

These issues are easily avoidable, thus making the removal of your septic system essential.

By choosing All Septic & Sewer, you are choosing a licensed company and is familiar with the regulations of Pierce, King, and Thurston counties. Their knowledge will ease some of your stress during this process.

What Are My Options When It Comes To Decommissioning My Septic System?

You have two options when it comes to the decommissioning of your septic system:

  • Filling The System – This is the most simple, cost-effective option where the system is simply filled with a substance such as sand or gravel, making it unusable.
  • Complete Removal Of The System – This option is exactly what it sounds like. The system will be removed from your property.

To decide which option is the best for you, it is recommended to contact a professional company such as All Septic & Sewer to assist you with this critical decision. The right company will help you make the right decision.

What Should I Expect During The Removal Process?

To prepare for the decommissioning of your septic system, professionals will perform five essential steps to ensure that your family and the surrounding community are safe during the process and things run as smoothly as possible. You should expect your septic professionals to:

  • Locate Your Existing System – If you are unfamiliar with the property and the system’s location, hiring All Septic & Sewer’s professionals will take the guesswork out of this part of the process. We have state-of-the-art equipment ready to locate the old system.
  • Power It Down – The power needs to be turned off to the old septic system, and the lines must be removed.
  • One Last Pump – The tank must be pumped one last time to remove everything that can be removed.
  • Bring In The Heavy Equipment – If you have opted to remove the old system rather than fill it, your professionals will have the proper equipment ready to get the old system out of the ground and dispose of it properly.
  • You’ll Never Know We Were There – Once removed, we make sure the area is appropriately covered, replace the vegetation to match the aesthetics of your yard and ensure that all of your county’s inspection requirements are met.

Why Should I Choose All Septic & Sewer For This Important Job?

This is the easiest decision you will ever have to make when deciding on the right company to removing your septic tank. We are professionals with over two decades of experience who are well versed with the rules and regulations of King, Thurston, and Pierce counties.

We have built a reputation as consummate professionals who will do whatever is necessary to get the job done right. Providing you with the best customer service possible is our priority.

We invite you to get in touch with us and let us show you exactly why we have been trusted by the citizens of Pierce, Thurston, and King Counties for many years and will continue to be for many more.

Please reach out to us at 1-888-541-6600. Check us out on Facebook, as well. We look forward to providing you with the service you deserve as we help you take care of all of your septic and sewer needs at All Septic & Sewer.

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