The Importance Of Storm Drain Cleaning

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When a heavy downpour strikes, it’s not unusual to see standing water throughout our communities. Unfortunately, this can become a significant problem, which can lead to pollution in our local waterways.

At All Septic & Sewer, our team of expertly trained technicians works hard to handle a wide variety of tasks for homeowners, such as septic pumping and drain field maintenance. Luckily, however, our expertise doesn’t end with residential services.

We also have the knowledge and skills needed to handle the storm drain cleaning needs of public areas, including playgrounds, roads, and parking lots.

If you’re noticing severe flooding around your home or business, our team of experts is here to ensure the storm drains in your area are working the way they need to be.

Why Are Storm Drains An Essential Part Of Our Cities?

As rain begins to fall or snow starts to melt, the resulting stormwater is typically absorbed back into the soil or flows into nearby bodies of water. In the case of torrential downpours, however, the ground can become saturated with water and can’t absorb the water quickly enough.

Due to this saturation, the water may start to flood storm sewers and ditches, where it can collect various pollutants, contaminants, and toxins. Eventually, the water will make its way into surrounding waterways—bringing all of those harmful substances with it.

The installation of storm drains, aka clean water catch basins, can keep this flooding from occurring and help improve and maintain the overall quality of local water supplies.

To keep these storm drains working the way they need to be, however, it’s vital to keep them clean at all times.

Can Property Owners Clean Their Own Storm Drains?

If you’re searching for ways to clean out your storm drains on your own, you’ll be happy to learn there are a few key things property owners can do on a regular basis. These include:

  • Check your storm drains regularly
  • Clear out debris, such as fallen leaves, mud, and sticks
  • Keep trash picked up around storm drains
  • Trim back any dead branches on your trees, so they don’t end up falling into the drain

Sometimes, however, even with the best efforts to regularly perform storm drain cleaning, you can experience problematic clogs.

How Do You Know If Your Storm Drain Is Clogged?

The first step in deciding whether you need to hire a trusted storm drain cleaning company, like All Septic & Sewer, is figuring out whether your drain is clogged to begin with.

Once you’ve tried the DIY methods mentioned above to keep your storm drain clean and clear, be on the lookout for signs of further problems, such as strange odors, flooding, leaking water, or sagging land or concrete. Any of these can be signs your storm drain needs professional cleaning or repair.

Another important thing to keep in mind—don’t wait too long to find a trusted team of storm water maintenance professionals.

If a clogged drain is left unattended, it can quickly become a bigger issue and lead to situations like sinkholes or roadway flooding.

What Are The Best Methods Of Storm Drain Cleaning?

There are two common types of vehicles that are used to clean storm drains. These include clamshell trucks and Vactor trucks.

If your primary concern is dirt and debris that’s built up around your clean water catch basin, your best bet is to find a company that will use a clamshell truck. This vehicle is outfitted with a heavy-duty claw-like apparatus that can easily remove most of the dirt and debris.

For a complete cleaning experience, however, the optimal choice is a Vactor truck. This cutting-edge device features a high-performing pump that can remove all the debris and pollutants clogging up your storm drain.

The Leading Team For Your Storm Drain Maintenance Needs

Don’t leave your storm drain unattended. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or repair options for a clogged, clean water catch basin, All Septic & Sewer is here to help.

Our industry-leading technicians have the equipment, experience, and skills needed to provide an in-depth storm drain inspection. From there, we can help you come up with an ideal plan to repair any problems and keep your property and roads free of frustrating flooding and debris.

If you’re ready to learn more about our storm drain cleaning services, give our team a call today at 206-512-3956. You can also complete our easy-to-use online form to set-up a free inspection.

And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to find out more about our top-rated septic and sewer solutions.

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