I’m In The Market To Buy A House. Do I Need To Have The Septic System Inspected?

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A home is one of the most significant investments that the majority of us will ever make. Knowing that your potential home’s septic system is inspected and in working order before buying ensures you acquire a home that will not have costly problems shortly after finalizing this considerable purchase. Ensuring the septic system is inspected before investing in a new home is imperative for the buyer’s peace of mind and pocket.

Why Do I Need To Have The Septic System Inspected Before I Buy A Home?

In general, a home’s septic system is essential for ensuring that the home’s inhabitants are happy and healthy.

Before selling a home, the septic system must be pumped and have operational maintenance completed, and all of that information must be on file with your county. All counties have different specifications to what is required in this area; therefore, you must go with a company familiar with your county’s regulations to carry out these essential duties.

You also must have a Report of System Status (RSS) on file with the county. Depending on the county, that record will be valid from six months to a year after being filed.

Some counties require the home’s seller to hire an approved company to pump the system, perform the operational maintenance, and complete the information on the RSS that must be filed with the county. Again, using a company that knows the regulations and requirements for your county is a must to ensure that you can smoothly complete your home’s sale. It will also go a long way to know that you are purchasing a home that will not need septic system maintenance for some time to come.

What Should I Ask About A Home’s Septic System Before Buying?

As with any significant maintenance regularly performed on a potential new home, the buyer must know what to ask about the septic system before purchasing. Some of the things to ask include:

  • The county’s law concerning the buyer’s responsibility and the seller’s responsibility regarding septic tank inspection.
  • How often the homeowner pumped and inspected the septic system. This should have been performed every two to five years to keep issues to a minimum and meet most counties’ requirements.
  • How much the typical upkeep and maintenance on the septic system costs.

Regardless of whose responsibility it is, the potential owner needs to ensure an inspection is performed on the septic system by a trusted professional who knows the home’s county’s guidelines.

Why It Is Important To Choose A Company That Knows Your County’s Septic System Inspection Requirements

First of all, it is mandatory to opt for an approved company to provide the RSS information for your county. Because the requirements are so different between counties, ensuring that the company you choose is familiar with that county’s codes is essential to assuring that the inspection is done correctly.

As a home buyer, you want to ensure that the inspection was performed by a company you can trust. If not, this would be a good time to call in All Septic & Sewer professionals.

Why Choose All Septic & Sewer For The Septic System Inspection On Your Potential New Home?

If you purchase a home in King, Pierce, or Thurston County, All Septic & Sewer is approved by each county as a trusted company to perform the septic system inspection and fill out an RSS as required by each county.

All Septic & Sewer has dedicated two decades of exemplary service to these three counties. That makes All Septic & Sewer the right choice when it comes to the all-important job of making sure that the septic system on your potential new home is in working order and will last you and your family for a long time to come.

When it comes time to sell your old home or buy your new one, give All Septic & Sewer a call at (888) 541-6680. You can also check them out on their Facebook page, for other septic and sewer related topic.

Calling the professionals at All Septic & Sewer will help make this massive task in homeownership much easier because you will know that the work is being performed by people who know the area and the business. Having someone you trust on the job will help you rest easier knowing that your septic system inspection was taken care of by a company that understands the business and cares about its customers.

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