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Robert Eacrett

Robert Eacrett has grown up in the Puyallup area graduating from Emerald Ridge High School. He then enlisted in the Army, serving in the Infantry. After multiple deployments and 5 years of service, he returned to Puyallup and started attending Pierce Community college, where he earned his associates degree.

While attending Central Washington University for his bachelor’s degree, Robert started getting interested in Real Estate and soon after, he obtained his real-estate license within the industry. After purchasing some properties of his own, he eventually started working in the septic and sewage field. This is where he met Jeremy Moore and a friendship developed and come 2017, Robert and Jeremy decided to venture out on there own and started All Septic and Sewer.

Robert married his wife Kayli in August 2017, making it a very exciting year. In January of 2019, Robert and Kayli welcomed their first child (Walker) to the family.

Robert enjoys his time off spending time with his family and being in the beautiful landscapes of Washington hunting, fishing and running his two dogs “Saddie” and “Memphis”.

Jeremy Moore

Jeremy Moore graduated from Orting High school and has lived in Washington his entire life. Jeremy has been in the septic and sewage industry for 17+ years and prior to that was in the construction industry in one form or another.

He is currently serving on the board for WOSSA (Washington On Site Sewage Association) as the Vice President. He is always striving to better his own knowledge of this industry and getting the proper education out to others working in the industry, as well as homeowners and the general public.

Jeremy is an avid outdoorsman that enjoys Fishing, hunting, camping and anything outdoors with family and friends. He has been married to his wife Julie since 2009 living in Puyallup and is a father to two beautiful daughters, “Brooklynn” and “Makena”. They also have two very rambunctious dogs “Buster” and “Rambo” that keep the whole family on there toes.

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